In times where adaptability is vital to the survival and evolution of organization, it becomes fundamental to:

Diagnose, analyze, and transform the Culture of the Organization, a function of its Adaptive Challenge.

Dan Denison model is focused in culture performance. It starts from an objective diagnosis and benchmark.

What’s the best organization design to carry out your strategy, considering your culture?

We are inspired by the model of Frederic Laloux (, a proposal of structure from levels of consciousness of the Organizational Culture.

Definition of Design impacts: work levels, salary levels, incentive/meritocracy systems, and teamwork…

People Strategy

If there is a business strategy, there must also be a people strategy

Key questions to address and work on:
• What are the strategic pillars of the organization and of the people?
• What are the priority HR processes?

We work the art of identifying and evaluating people’s talents from the organization’s main challenges;

We align criteria and compare what’s available;

We believe that the Nine Box Approach and Succession Planning ensure the sustainability of the Organization.

Leadership & Development

We believe that Leadership goes beyond positions and functions. Leadership is an individual and collective action, which is independent of hierarchy, and that mobilizes the community for a better situation.

People Care

We work the transition of the Individual: a language for the path of transformation by purpose and legacy.

Counseling / Bibliotherapy:
Works pleasure, dream, desire, time
Objective: Conciliation

Coaching / Biography:
Works origin, self criticism, perplexity
Objective: reorientation

Mentoring / Assessments:
Works reflection, free space
Objective: understanding

Ethics of Relationships

We also work with Health Relations – Through the Ethics of Relationships.