Our Objective

We are a network of professional experts, with experience in diverse organizational levels and a solid executive and advisory trajectory, focused on developing organizations and their people. Our purpose is to offer a transformative and innovative capacity to organizations. From our international experience, we want to help those who want to compete in the world from Brazil.

Organizations need to integrate business strategy with people strategy.



People Care & Ethics of the Meeting

Psychologist and Researcher
Masters in Social psychology;
Training in Hospital psychology;
Co founder of the Doutores da Alegria Organization;
Extensive experience in projects related to health, in companies and hospitals;
Author of the books: Solutions of Clowns – transformations in the hospital reality and Good Mixes – the ethics of joy in the hospital context.

People Strategy, Design and Culture

MBA in Business Administration
Specialization in Psychosociology
Specialist in People Strategy, Mentoring, Organizational Design, Organizational Culture and HR Processes.
He was HR Director of L’Oreal Brasil, Vale S/A, Parmalat Brasil, KIBON, and Development Manager at Unilever;
Invited Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral.

Transition, Mentoring and Coaching

Educator, Psychologist,
Specialization in Clinic, Body and Subjectivity;
Biographical Consultant with ample experience in Change and Transition movements and company restructuring;
She was Director of HR, Chase Manhattan, and the first office of Drake Beam Morin of Brazil;
Currently, she is supporting her clients in their transitional paths.

Human Resource Management, Culture and Organizational Transformation

MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and Business Management;
Extensive experience in human resources consulting and management.
Acted in important projects of organizational transformation, management and implementation of strategies of people aligned to the business.

Leadership Development and Teams

Graduated in Social Communication and Bachelor in Philosophy
Master in Communication and Education
Solid experience in consulting and executive coaching, working within Human and Organizational Development, with individuals, teams and Cultures.
Professor of executive MBA at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV);
Author of the Book The Reinvention of the Company- Omega Project

Strategic Planning and Management

Business Administrator
MBA in Finance
Distinguished experience, working in large companies in the areas of financial and strategic planning, support in M&A operations and integration in the merger processes, focusing on change of management and management of change.

Organizational transformation and mobilization to change processes and culture

Psychologist from PUC, post graduate in Information Technology Management from FGV, MBA in Business from Ibmec and Master and Management Systems from LATEC / UFF.

Solid experience in consultancies such as Deloitte and CSC, working mainly on projects with an emphasis on organizational transformation and process efficiency.

Executive MBA Professor at Estácio.

Organizational and People Development, Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Psychologist, post-graduated in Business Administration, Master in Administration – Human Resources Organization.

Extensive experience in business consulting, after a solid executive career in the areas of HR, Sustainability and Private Social Investment.

Specialist in organizational strategic design, management structure and skills, change management, development of human and social capital of organizations.

Consultant for the development of individuals and groups and senior specialist in career transition and coaching

Extensive experience serving executives of varying hierarchical levels, in projects of culture, values, leadership development, engagement, career management and social transformation. Strong expertise in facilitating dialogues, mastering non-violent communication techniques, art of hosting, conflict mediation and psychosocioanalysis. One of his most recent research is on collective learning through life and career narratives, working on the border between art, clinic and development of groups and organizations.